Host a Make-up Class!

*Grab your BFF
*Get Ready to learn make-up techniques
* Pick a Course- (90-120 minutes)


Beauty “Eye”con (Eye shadow application 101)

Smokey Eyes (Dramatic Eye Couture)

Natural with a Twist (Contour/Hi Lighting)

Dressed in the Nude (Nudes that enhance)

Seasonal Trends ( Pantone  and current makeup trends)

Cosmetic Wardrobing ( One on One Course)


*All Classes will have light refreshments and all tools needed for the class.  


Academy SEE

The SEE Consult- in depth consultation, consisting of a history and style questionnaire. Identify your ideal look and offer recommendations and answers to those burning beauty questions.  Implement a starter plan to create a customized make-up wardrobe.


The SEE Wardrobe Closet-  includes The SEE Consult, a 60 minute consultation to assess your  cosmetic  bag, provide recommendations, product suggestions and concludes with building your customized cosmetic wardrobe closet.  Addressing all color cosmetic categories; complexion, contour/ high light, brows, eye shadow application, cheek and lips.


Additional Courses: 120 minutes

The Famous Smoky Eye -Start out with nothing but drama on those eyes.  Learn two different signature techniques to achieve sexy, smoky eyes.  Start with brow contour techniques, primer and then smoke it out!

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