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Is this really a story, a poem, a song?

Shall I clear my throat?

Shall I just smile, and smile some more?

Is this a colorful chat filled with lip colors that represent my story? little ole me

Well I need about a dozen color wheels to signify the many different colors of my life, or shall I say verses of my song

You see,  I’m sure we share a similar lipstick story,

Some woman choose hats, I choose lipsticks

My story starts with Lady Liberty, strong, mighty & bold, most of all admired by many.

She is also Dauntless, no fear of a new adventure or what others may think.

She struts to the beat of Hello Darling, her morning melody, after she has given her vanity the finally pose of approval. “I look and feel stunning, Hello Darling”!

But not all the time, sometimes burdened by taking on the world she lets out a Scarlet Scream, still bold but a little more rouged (and no one even knows she’s screaming).

By day still strong, mighty and bold, but as the sun sets she listens to Sweet Lyrics, while nursing Dark Chocolate and a glass of Musical Merlot.

Because she is the perfect combination of beauty and power, she has the right to totally switch it up.

Today she is nothing less than Power Plum. Effortlessly powerful, showing no signs of fatigue from late night coaching a 5th grade science project, followed by putting 3 Little Birds to sleep, all while dressed Nudish.

She loves hard, she will Love You More unconditionally and owns a Lover’s Glow, it’s her nature.

She gets blushed or shall I say a Little Red from the details of love notes.

At times she’s Shy and wears her Bronzed Armor for comfort,… it’s just enough to be Simply Adorned.

She’s is smart, some people will pay a Pretty Penny for her thoughts and ideas, but little do they know she spends quite a bit of time dreaming.

She is a born dreamer, she dreams constantly of her Beach House built on the perfect island, this is her world, where Sequin Roses embellish her hair and flip flops, some may call her L.O.L.A because she is a Lover of Life’s Abundance!

Who is she?

She is me.

She is you.

She represents all the woman that share a beautiful wardrobe closet filled with  the many different hats we wear as woman.

MY wardrobe closet has grown a new wing, just to include My Lipstick Story!

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