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3 Little Birds

3 Little Birds is a lipstick that reminds me of my heritage and how proud I am to be ONE of my mom's 3 Little Birds. It's glazed sheer melon color gives the appearance of soft effortless glamour, on a summer day. Sunkissed skin wearing a white sundress, patiently awaiting the perfect sunset at Rick's Cafe, in Negril Jamaica. It's a special addition to your family of nude lipglosses. You get the picture!

My family is a cod fish and dumpling, Bob Marley loving, Jamaican family. Growing up, food, good home cooked food, was always abundant at all family gatherings. My mom would cook and listen to reggae music all the time. Bob Marley was one of the main ingredients to a perfect morning of frying dumplings and plantains. I remember watching my mom one morning, all smiles, totally happy, cooking and dancing at the same time, occasionally closing her eyes as she felt the music and reminisced. She was listening to Bob Marley’s “Don’t Worry” song. As she sang the song I remember clearly joining in and singing the chorus.... "Three Little Birds, pitch by my doorstep, singin sweet songs of melodies pure and true, saying this is a message to you” . The 3 Little Birds was a symbol of hope bringing the message that “every little thing is gonna be alright”. That stuck with me and I thought how blessed I was to be apart of a trio, my mom had three daughters (3 Little birds), and my sisters and I represent a symbol of hope. I now have my very own 3 Little Birds. The pictures below are of 2 sets of 3 Little Birds, my sisters and I and my 3 children.

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Yay!! I'm ready for it!

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