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Dear Eliza Shaw,

I have stubborn acne and I have tried everything. Most products make my face feel dry and tight and I breakout even more. To make matters worst when my acne clears up I am left with a dark spot, a friendly reminder that it existed. HELP!

Does this sound familiar? The treatment goal for acne is to find products with acne fighting ingredients (see picture) & the perfect moisture & hydration balance. While most products designed to help reduce acne are drying products, these products can also do damage if your skin does not have the right amount of moisture and hydration. So it is important to address the excessive oiliness and at the same time provide the hydration (lots of water) and moisture that our skin needs. Healthy acne reducing ingredients are below. A few tips to add: -No picking -Drink water

-Cleanse, moisturize & protect (Spf) DAILY

-Spot treat with a blemish control product

-Exfoliate 2-3 times a week -Change your pillowcase every 3 days

-See an Esthetician for maintenance

Schedule you Charcoal Detox Facial to address all acne needs:

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