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Black Women in Business!

My sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated hosted another great event. The event was titled "Conversation with Black Entrepreneurs." The event gave black entrepreneurs an opportunity to talk about their businesses and answer questions from the audience. Guess who was honored to be a panelist???? ME! ME! ME! The Pi Iota Omega Chapter hosted this event via Webinar. Pia Thompson and I were excited and pumped up to talk about our baby's, our businesses. We were asked a series of questions geared to give our audience insight on how we got started, and how we are persevering through the pandemic. Although I was familiar with the questions from the moderator in advance, this was an opportunity for me to be transparent and reflective. I can talk about my business all day long because I absolutely love what I do, but I had to admit that my business has slightly changed during this pandemic. I had to pivot in other directions to sustain my business. I had to add a new service, Virtual Skin and Make-up Consultations. Although the plan was for clients to come to my spa and get pampered, the reality of the situation is that some people are not comfortable leaving their homes for food, much less to get pampered. Although my spa upholds all safety and health standards, I have lost some clients to the virtual world. I have to admit, at first I was nervous and super uncomfortable doing virtual skin and make-up consultations. I had to remind myself that every time I was uncomfortable that was a learning curve for me. Now as a panelist, I had to share with my audience this uncomfortable experience that ended up very being profitable. My goal is to always encourage as many people as possible to dream HUGE. Also, I am obligated to tell the truth, letting my audience know that dreaming huge comes at a cost and is in no way easy. But is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! I thank God for any opportunity to learn, share and uplift! I sincerely thank the Pi Iota Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority for this opportunity.

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