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By the SEE Skincare Remedies

I am happy to announce that By The SEE, has now launched a bar soap line. This soap line addresses the top skincare concerns: Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Anti-Aging and Moisture. After doing research, I realized that most people wash their faces at the same time they take a shower (unless you are an esthetician, LOL). So I wanted to create a soap line that promotes easy cleansing, has therapeutic results, and smells and feels luxurious. By the SEE Skincare Remedies is a luxury soap line with great performance ingredients. All soap bars come with a soap tray and for additional exfoliation, you can purchase a soap bag called the Exfoliator Helper. There are 5 different soap bars: Skin BRIGHT, ACNE Detox, AWAKE Detox, Rose HYDRATE and The EXFOLIATOR (comes with a loofah inside). By the SEE Skincare remedies is also great for healthy, self-care gift giving. Ordering is easy! Please log on to the link below. If you have a customized order (quantity over 40, party favors, etc.), please contact me directly.

To Order-

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