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Got Dark Spots?

One of the top concerns I hear from my clients is "I have dark spots". In the mind of an Esthetician, this concern translates to Hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is defined as darker patches of skin that comes from a production of excess melanin. What many don't understand about hyperpigmentation is that it is a condition that has many layers. It usually is a reaction from a deeper issue. For example, when we are at the beach (my favorite place) and the sun is beaming on our skin for an extended period of time, some will leave the beach with what we call a tan (slightly darker). What really is happening is because of the excessive amount of UV radiation our skin is sensing trauma and goes into protection mode. One of our skin's protection mechanism is to produce melanin in the areas that the trauma is occurring. Another common cause of Hyperpigmentation is post acne scarring. Many people that suffer from acne will experience hyperpigmentation and even when the acne is gone, they are left with a friendly reminder that it was here, a dark spot. The goal as an Esthetician is to address the issue that causes the hyperpigmentation. Normally when we address the root issue, this is the first step to addressing hyperpigmentation.

Schedule your appointment for a facial and receive an in depth skin analysis and consultation. Not ready to meet face to face yet? Live in another state? No problem, schedule a virtual consultation and allow our Estheticians an opportunity to listen to your skin concerns and recommend customized solutions.

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