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HER art brings me JOY!

This week I received a Mother's Day card from my favorite artist, my sister in law, Jolmar Denise Miller. Jolmar has an amazing gift, she is a true visionary artist that sees beyond your vision. Jolmar sent me a Mother's Day card wrapped in the most beautiful envelope. She took her time to create art on the envelope, but didn't just draw what she desired, she customized this artwork to reflect all the things that bring ME joy. Jolmar knows I love everything make-up and beauty and being the visionary she is, she bought everything I love to life, even my powder brush . Look at MY nail polish, MY lipstick and my favorite, MY brush with the eyelash curler on a leash. She even included MY false lashes. I have attached pictures of the envelope for your viewing pleasure. My initial response was "I can't open this card because I am going to ruin the artwork". But, of course I had to carefully open this envelope trying my hardest to salvage this work of art. The card inside the envelope was also beautiful. Jolmar has WOWed me so many times with the artwork she has created for me and others. I remember asking her to come up with a logo for my brand. Jolmar suggested to add an "E" to the Shawna Elizabeth brand, making it Shawna Elizabeth Enterprise, with the acronym SEE. She made me SEE a bigger purpose behind my initial vision. She was the artist that created my logo (she knows I love RED lipstick). When she created this logo it was more than a WOW for me, it was a WOW with teary eyes and goose bumps. Her art brings me JOY! Today I celebrate Jolmar!

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The artwork is beautiful!!

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