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I TEACH, that's ONE of my superpowers!

As many of you already know, one of the many job titles I hold is as a Licensed NYS Esthetician and Make-up Art Instructor. I absolutely love to teach and motivate my students, but the most fulfilling part of this job is learning about their individual WHY, paths, and dreams. They enroll in school to be taught but they have no idea how much they teach me. It is a honor to watch them absorb and practice this new knowledge and different techniques. For the short time they spend with me, I get a front row seat to watch them bloom into a better version of themselves, as a student Esthetician & Make-up Artist.

Here's the bittersweet part of it all, I miss them terribly when they graduate. As much as I want them to live their dreams, there is a selfish part of me that still wants them to solicit my advice and guidance. My joy, is to sit back and watch them contribute their greatness to the advances of the field of Esthetics and Make-up Artistry. My last class inspired this post. I LOVE teaching! My advice, teach what you love and your dreams will start to expand.

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