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In my feelings....

Last week I had an amazing opportunity to sit on a panel of all authors. It's great how God will keep you motivated and well feed by leading you to these types of opportunities. Just when I thought all the excitement about my book was starting to dwindle down, I was mistaken. Every time I have the opportunity to talk about my book, all of the excitement, self reflection and my purpose is renewed. I am confronted with the hard questions: Why did I write this book? Is it really going to help someone?Who will even read it? Every time I ponder on these questions and the answers to them I am empowered and reminded of the promise to myself to always be "ceaselessly striving".

As I sat on this panel and heard the other authors' journey through their writing process this also gave me comfort. You mean, I wasn't alone? We shared similar doubts and self sabotaging thoughts but in the end, we persevered. We all were new authors and what I thought was surprising was we all had plans for publishing book number two. My mom always told me "the race is not for the swift but for those who can endure". I never thought this quote was for me because all my life I have been an advocate of swiftness, needing to have tasks done fast. As I mature through this life I am loving this quote because sometimes we have to endure a mixture of different emotions and life lessons to graciously walk on our individual path to self discovery and greatness. I am still walking, not jugging or even running on this path, building up my endurance. I thank God for constantly presenting opportunities for me the celebrate, reflect and endure ( to bear patiently without resistance)) all that he has for me.

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