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Sweet Lyrics

Sweet Lyrics (iced)- long lasting, jeweled wine color lip glaze

Story– Poetry is her therapy and she shares it with her best friends…S.A.K.S

There is nothing sweeter than Sweet Lyrics! This attention grabbing, wine color lip glaze is the perfect addition to your lip collection, especially if you have something important to say. Sweet Lyrics is about using raw authentic poetry as a form of therapy. Sweet Lyrics is dear to me because this story includes my very best friends. The type of friends that know everything about you, I mean EVERYTHING, and still love you. I am fortunate enough to have that bond with a few special ladies. These ladies empower me and we use poetry as a form of release from the daily stresses of life. We use poetry to express our deepest emotions whether we want to scream, fight, cry, love, make love or just crack up laughing. The best part of all of this writing is sharing it with each other. For years I have held on to all these poems, these precious pieces of art and remember the different phases we went through and most of all, what we have overcome. Sweet Lyrics is about sisterhood, shared strength, wisdom, bondage and our personal melody. I stand here today and truly mean that there is nothing sweeter than Sweet Lyrics…by S.A.K.S!

To order Sweet Lyrics-$15 (orders will be shipped 6/15/2020)

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