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The Couples Bungalow Suite- February 1st!

The Couples Bungalow Suite is currently getting fluffed up! I am super excited to open this new suite as it comes with its own menu of luxury spa options. This suite is beach inspired and designed to add tranquility and comfort to your spa experience. Grab your BFF, mother/daughter, husband or lover, and get ready to be pampered! By the SEE Spa is now accepting appointments for the Couples Bungalow Suite! Below are the luxury options:

Couples Bungalow Suite- Facial

Enjoy a 60 minute Pamper Facial -Initial Facial to assess skincare needs and home regimen. Relaxing and designed to pamper the skin. Light refreshments will be served

Couples Bungalow Suite-Aromatherapy

Get ready to relax with heated oils and a complete hydration treatment for your body. This treatment includes a light dry exfoliation and then your body is drenched with hydrating oils (front trunk area is excluded). Hot towels are used to remove excess oils, leave with soft and hydrated skin. Recommended once a month during the colder months. Light refreshments will be served.

Couples Bungalow Suite-Facial & Back Treatment

Get ready to totally escape for the next 90 minutes. This treatment starts with a 45 minute back treatment, which includes a deep exfoliation and a therapeutic mask. A 45 minute pampering facial follows the back treatment designed to assess skincare needs and ends with a custom mask. Light refreshments will be served.

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