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The Necessary Nervousness

On Sunday, September 13th I had my official BOOK Launch! Because of the COVID pandemic, I decided on a Virtual launch; at noon on Instagram and at 2pm on Facebook. I was so nervous to grace the world with my book baby. Me, all made up in my sanctuary, By the SEE Spa, talking on camera, hoping my hair was perfect, my speech was clear, all while trying to smile. I prayed before I hit the LIVE button. I always say the same prayer "God please have your way" and so he did. I had butterflies in my stomach the whole time. All I kept saying was just keep talking. The more talked the more relaxed I felt. I realized that this nervousness is so essential, it keeps me grounded, humbled and forces me to be ready. After the first Virtual launch on Instagram, I realized that I am not the only person in the world that is nervous about doing something big. According to Stephen Curry "Im ready for the moment".

My book, More Than A Make-up Artist: Crack the CODE to become a Face Architect was a big step for me. I had many unfinished stories in me for years and this was the first completed story. This was the baby that God wanted me to birth first. This book is filled with hope, inspiration, self reflection and a fruitful menu of career options in the field of beauty. I have received testimonies from readers that confirms the uncomfortable nervousness is necessary for growth. Growth and your comfort zone doesn't live at the same address. I am anxiously waiting for the necessary nervousness again!

One Testimony that made me tear up!

"Shawna Elizabeth, you never cease to amaze me. More Than A Make-Artist is truly a passion filled read. It' inspirational and a true testimony of what one can accomplish if you dream big and never give up. Thank you for the many nuggets you left us readers with. I would've never thought that a book based on make-up artistry would encourage me to continue to pursue my own aspirations. Thank you for your selflessness to bare your soul in its rawest form "true creativity". -A. Russum

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