Who is Eliza Shaw?

Last year I published my first book, More Than A Make-up Artist; Crack the CODE to Become A Face Architect. In this book, one of my dedications was to Eliza Shaw. I also made reference to Eliza Shaw at the end of my book. I finally shared with my readers who this Eliza Shaw was (hence the above quote). I started this blog named "Dear Eliza Shaw" and now I have an Instagram page with this name. One of Eliza Shaw's objectives is to share advice she would have fed her younger self. If I had to add something to the quote above describing Eliza Shaw it would be this:

"Eliza Shaw is always a part of Shawna Elizabeth. She is the full-time student that craves knowledge. She loves inspiring quotes and her purpose is to uplift, empower, and inspire all to Dream Huge." I think that's also the purpose of Shawna Elizabeth. My goal is to always keep you informed and uplifted.

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