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This Even & Clear Box is designed to fight hyperpigmentation and promote a more even and clear skin.  Say good-bye to dark spots and hello to skin clarity.  This box contains:



1-Skin BRIGHT Soap Bar (use daily to wash your face)

Created to address uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. Skin BRIGHT has turmeric which is anti-oxidant and has skin lightening properties. It is also loaded with Vitamin C from orange and orange peel, which also aides in brightening and addressing anti-aging. Designed for use on the face and body, can be used with a washcloth or directly on the skin. Please lather before placing directly on wet skin. 


Ingredients-Shea Butter, Coconut Oil & Cream, Olive Oil, Purified Water, Palm Oil, Oil Palm Kernel, Glycerin, Orange Oil, Orange Peel, Vanilla, Turmeric, Calendula, Sucrose Sorbitol, Sodium Sarcosinate, 4oz-soap bar


2- Orange Carrot Face Oil (use to hydrate skin)

This oil blend is designed to hydrate, brighten, repair and protect skin.  Orange is rich in Vitamin C and helps to brighten and stimulate collagen production.  Carrot  repairs skin tissue and protect the skin from ultraviolet rays. 

Ingredients-Jojoba oil, Apricot Oil, Viatmin E, Rosehip Oil,  Carrot Powder,  Frankincense, Orange Oil. 50Oz


3-PCA Skin Pigment Gel HQ Free (use at night right after you was your face)

features a hydroquinone-free formula that diminishes age spots and discoloration for a radiant complexion. An exfoliating complex of lactic, kojic and azelaic acids refine and smooth the skin while diminishing hyperpigmentation. Glutathione and tyrosinase inhibit melanin production to prevent new dark spots from forming.


4- Complex C moisturizer-(Use day and night to misturize)

Vitamin C Moisturizer for all skin types especially sensitive skin
This advanced Vitamin C crème protects, hydrates and conditions skin without irritation. Vitamin C is a major anti-oxidant in the body. It is well established that Vitamin C is essential for healthy skin. Sea Kelp instantly calms redness and Red Marine Algae conditions dehydrated skin.


5-Advanced Protection spF 30 -use only in the day(with transparent zinc oxide) Moisturize and protection from damaging UV rays

Designed with natural ingredients for light moisturization. The powerful anti- oxidant Japanese Green Tea Extract helps prevent redness, rough skin

and peeling caused by sun-drenched skin. Vitamin E helps increase the skin elasticity and normalizes dry parched skin. Fragrance free.

Even & Clear Box

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