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Experience the Classic soaps and the Tropical Soaps, the best of both worlds!!!  All soaps have therapeutic benefits and are designed to relax the senses.  The Classics address the most common skincare conditions and the Tropiccal soaps take you on vacation and address anti aging.  You will receive a total of 10 macaroon shaped soaps.  All you have to decide is what will it be tonight?




Skin EQUALIZER-Oatmeal based, designed to balance and calm the skin

Skin BRIGHT-Made w/ tumeric and orange peel, designed to combat hyperpigmentation

AWAKE Detox- Made w/ Lemongrass to gently detox the pores

ACNE Detox- Made with Lavender & Tea Tree designed to be antibacterial and anti inflammatory

1908 PURIFYING- Made with Lemon, designed to be a light detox and promotes brightening




Pina Colada

Coconut Cream


Mint Chocolate




FAB Five Dessert DUO

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