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This is the perfect gift, for luxury soap lovers.  You will receive 4 of our most popular soaps, that are not only pretty, but pretty effective in tackling the most common skin concerns ( hydration, hyperpigmentation and breakouts).  You will also receive a soap bag for that extra exfoliation;  all you have to do is drop the soap in the bag and begin to lather. In addition, you will receive 2- mini macaroon shapped soap, flavored in coconut creme.   Last but no least you will receive moisturizing lip therapy in the form of a By the SEE lip balm (Mango flavored)


The Holiday Soap Box: (All soap are the Petit Four shape)

-Awake Detox Soap

-Skin Equalizer

-Skin Brignt Soap

-Acne Detox Soap

-The Exfoliating Soap Bag

-2Coconut Creme (Macroon shaped soaps)

-Mango Lip Balm


Holiday Soap Box

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