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Build your Lip Glaze Closet!

Allow me to help you build your Lip Glaze Closet. The Face Architect Make-up Bag is the best way to get started. This make-up bag comes with 3-lip glaze colors of your choice and a jumbo lip balm. First, apply your By the SEE lip balm, which is moisturizing lip therapy. Then choose your next step. Will you apply your neutral lip glaze color? Or will it be your lip glaze color that screams BAMMM? Or will you choose to be right in the middle, neutral with a pop? The decision is yours, you can't go wrong! What colors can I put in your Face Architect Make-up Bag? Oh and don't forget to choose your lip balm flavor. What will it be: Pina Colada, Mango, Orange Mint or Lemon Vanilla?

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