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The beauty of the BLOOM!

I absolutely love fresh flowers! I have committed to having fresh flowers on a weekly basis because they bring me so much joy. It's limited edition art with an expiration date. Besides the colors, smell, and decorative aspect of flowers, I love to see them bloom. There's something special about watching a flower bloom to its max size and richest shade of color. To me, it symbolizes hope and how precious life is. How lucky are we to have the ability to bloom? One of the main ingredients to blooming is light; we can't bloom in the dark. So while I am sipping my large cup of coffee in the morning, watching the sun rise, and the house is quiet, I am admiring and smelling my flowers and getting my much needed dose of inspiration. It's a great way to start a new day!

Oh, did I tell you my favorite flowers? Peonies and Roses

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