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Your book has shipped!!!!

Update - Your book has shipped!! My hands were shaking opening the box, I did the happy dance and was so elated! Thank you guys for all the love and support. If you ordered my book during pre sales, it should be in your home right now, as I type. Hopefully you had the opportunity to browse through and start reading, More Than A Make-up Artist: Crack the CODE to become a Face Architect. My hope and prayer is that you feel all the love and passion I have for this industry. My goal was to enlighten, inspire and lay out a menu of career options in the field of Make-up Artistry and Skincare. Hopefully my book will land in the hands of that hidden game changer, that is gifted in make-up artistry, but is second guessing this as a career option. If you are that person, we need your personal contribution to this ever changing industry. I thank all of you once again for believing in me and taking this journey with me to become a Face Architect!

If you haven't ordered yet, you still can

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